A gentle message

As a part of recruiting firm, Techno Wise often receives profiles of prospective candidates, the ones who check the job-postings on LinkedIn or other portals.It’s so common an observation that almost a good percentage of fresher’s or junior’s do send us the profiles with just an attachment without any content in the mail.

The candidates need to understand that this doesn’t help the cause. Not all pay much heed to such mails; some RECRUITERS may still take out time browsing through your profile and judging based on it what positions are suited to you BUT it’s you and ONLY you who knows what you WANT.

Don’t say us a Hi or a Hello BUT at least do mention your interests, kind of role you are looking for, which job you have applied for, any other preferences etc. Ideally your mail should have a subject-line that is good enough for us to filter which position one is looking for – it even helps us to search our mailboxes for all matching profiles, in cases when it has been sometime that you sent your resume! The E-mail body can mention more detail about the position and interests, if not about your past experience as well.

For that matter, maybe educational institutions must take care of these things by having necessary trainings while the placement-window is ON. 

This helps us recruiters but more than us it helps YOU.

Happy Hunting, hope you get an ideal job soon!!

** This isn’t intended to job-seekers in general but a certain small segment – no offence 🙂

Source: Techno Wise