video interview

Keep It Simple ... Systematic

  • Everything you follow for a regular in-person interview (dressing, practice, research, body-language, confidence etc.) and some more!


  • Avoid a cluttered background. If you don’t find one – may be sit against a wall OR hang a tidy plain bedsheet behind


  • Test the setup – network, battery, lights, camera & audio! See how the interviewer is going to see you! 


  • If possible, prop up your laptop webcam / camera – position it high enough to be at the eye-level. So, you don’t lean/bend/lunge over the camera!


  • Maintain an eye-contact with the camera! Ensuring a virtual eye-contact with the interviewer.


  • Choose a decent headphone/mic – else use the in-built system of your device – mic check 1, 2, 3…


  • Avoid holding the mic close to your mouth – you don’t want the interviewer to listen your breathing but answers! Even your body-language may not come across well. 


  • Don’t move your hand too much or too fast – may result in a stutter on the other side.


  • Try joining in a little early, to avoid last minute errors etc.


  • Inform your family/friends about the interview in advance – you don’t want your mom to bring over a cup of tea in between!!